Friday, January 11

Underwear a Go-Go

Just a quick note to say that Leah has been wearing big girl underwear for the past 2 days. There have been NO accidents (knock on wood) and she has even pooped on the potty twice! Maybe we've got it figured out. I have not given her her constipation medicine yet because whenever I do, her next poop is not solid and she has not ever done that BM on the potty yet. So I have been holding out because she has been going on her own fairly often. I would LOVE to be done with the meds though...

Erin has been having a little rice cereal and a fruit or veg at dinner time each day this week. Some days she does better than others. She downed bananas and was okay with peas. Pears were not a favorite though (which I was surprised at). After giving her a bite or two the past two nights, she has been straining like she has to go the bathroom. Now I am freaked out because this is how it started with Leah. I am already starting to think about switching to oat or barley cereal and nixing the rice. That is what I had to do with Leah and also cut out bananas totally too. I hope Erin doesn't turn out with that same issue!


Nikki said...

Good news about Leah! Way to go!

Crossing my fingers Erin doesn't suffer with that pain that Leah suffered through! :(

Keri Donald said...

Yea! That's awesome news!

I tried pears for the first time with Corgan last night and he didn't like them either. I was surprised too. Didn't know bananas could cause constipation. Good to know.