Thursday, January 17

My favorite thing

My favorite thing in the world is when either of my girls looks into my eyes and puts her hands on my cheeks. It just about makes me melt. *sigh*

I was talking to Mike tonight (who by the way is out in the COLD buying me cookie dough to bake, is he a catch or what?) about how it won't be too long until I have a toddler and a preschooler instead of a baby and a toddler.* I know Erin can't sit up or eat finger foods or talk, but she is already babbling with a consonant and rolling over (both TODAY!). She has tried green beans, peaches, pears, bananas, prunes (her fav), and peas. She is close to sitting up. Where is my newborn baby girl? I am not as ready for her to grow up as I was for Leah. I have already been through the milestones. This time I want it all to slow down. Well, except for sleeping through the night, that can happen any time now. (Are you listening, Erin?)

More on the rolling over...
I put Erin on her tummy with her left arm folded against her chest and called her name from above. When she turned her head to look up, bloop! Over she went! I got her to do it maybe 4 times, then broke out the video camera. Of course no performance. Then when we were putting the girls to bed, I had Erin on the floor while Mike was reading to Leah. I set her up the same way and she rolled over two more times. At least Daddy got to see it.

Also, Erin was saying "A-blah" a bunch of times today.

She is so cute!!!!!

*Although isn't Leah already a preschooler, based on verbal and cognitive ability?


Tiffanyrose said...

Leah is like a 7 year old trapped in a 2 year old body. She cracks me up with all the stuff that she comes up with. Great job Erin on the rolling over!! It is hard to watch the second one grow up, it seem slike it goes by 100 times faster than the first. Watch out for that third one, it goes even faster!!

Brittany said...

When I am around other 2 year olds, they seem so much younger than Leah! She really is very advanced for her age. I guess that comes with having a "stay at home teacher" for a mom! You are so good about teaching her new things and not leting her watch too much T.V. =)