Friday, January 25

Prescreening Disney movies

I was just re-reading Keri's posts and I came across one about Dumbo. I do love that pink elephant scene! It made me think about other old Disney movies we have watched lately.

Obviously we watched Cinderella on our trip to La a few weeks ago. That one was a good one for kids Leah's age. The step-mother was mean, but not scary and wasn't actually trying to hurt Cinderella.

I tried to get Leah to watch Sleeping Beauty. That was my favorite from when I was a kid. Leah did not like Maleficent, the bad witch. She is a scary creature. Also, she is trying to KILL Aurora. Not a great movie for a 2 yr old.

Last and certainly the most un-kid friendly is Snow White. While Leah LOVED the scenes with the Dwarfs and Snow White cleaning their house, let me ennumerate the reasons she will never watch it again without me sitting next to her with my finger on the fast forward button:

1. The queen orders a woodsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart in a box.
2. The dwarfs are constantly hitting each other.
3. When the queen confronts the woodsman, he gives her the heart of a pig.
4. The queen transforms into a very scary witch and kills Snow White herself with a poisoned apple.

Too much blood and guts for my taste. So Classic Disney out. Finding Nemo in. At least until Leah gets older and can understand the fairy tale concept.


Mirdonamy said...

What's funny is that I remember loving every part of all those classic movies as a kid. I was probably closer to 3 or 4 though. Maybe Leah will be ready for those classics in a few years. In the meantime, Nemo is a great choice for kids! I am always conflicted with Disney movies myself. I LOVE the classic tales because they intrigue kids and adults; however, I know the newer movies are safer for little kids.

I can't put myself in your shoes, but I can remember how creative I was as a child and I loved that both sides of the coin were presented to me. I do think 2 is still young though. Mom knows best, and I will side with you!

In the meantime, I think I'm to go watch Pete's Dragon tonight!

Nikki said...

It's funny that you posted this, because I think Finding Nemo is even scary for them! At least, some scenes, but I guess they aren't too bad and they move along quickly. I hate that the Mom dies right in the beginning. I remember hearing stories about my cousin Vinny (not the movie, my actual cousin Vinny, who is now 6) watching Nemo and, being a very very perceptive and sensitive little toddler, crying when he realized the Mom died. My uncle and aunt had to leave the theater and never watched the rest of the movie. Why can't Disney just make happy movies? :)

Nikki said...

I just noticed Erin's 5 month pic. I love it!!

Keri Donald said...

Yeah... our friend "Cole" has mentioned many times that it seems like a parent has to die at the beginning of nearly every Disney movie. The idea behind many of the stories seems pretty sad if you think about it. I even got a little sad watching Dumbo. Poor kid is ridiculed for his ears and gets taken away from his mom because she defends him. And even getting away from Disney, I thought the Rudolph story was sad. His parents were ashamed enough of his nose to cover it up and hope that no one found out about it and when his nose was discovered, everyone (except Clarice) turned their backs on him and made fun of him... even Santa. And they never accepted him until they needed him for his "weirdness". That seems to send the wrong message in my opinion.

Oh well... it's funny that the stories that we seem to have the most "issues" with are the ones that we all grew up with and I guess we all turned out okay. :)

Angelle said...

Oh yeah, I always skip the very beginning of Nemo too. Damn! We start when Marlin is holding Nemo the egg saying "It's okay, I'm here."