Thursday, January 31

Oh blah de, oh blah da

life goes on, o-o-oh, la la la la life goes on.

I am back to normal now. As expected the dentist asked me, "How soon are you going to get those wisdom teeth out?" So *sigh* I will be calling to make that appointment shortly.

Today was Leah's last day at her old school. She starts the new school next Tuesday. She was chatting with Ian about it tonight. There is a little boy in her new class who we see at the gym daycare often. So she will already know two kids in her class. Laurie said they just sent a letter home about Valentine's Day and a list of the kids. How cute is that? I need to decide what we can make for her class. :)

Mike arrived in Breckenridge, CO this afternoon. He was so psyched to go he could barely function these last few days. I am glad he is getting the chance to take this trip because he really deserves to spend some time doing something he loves. I just hope he makes it home in one piece. He met Keith Donald out there and they come home Tuesday night. My mom arrives tomorrow midday to hang out and help with the girls. I am excited to have her, as always.

I thought today was going to be rough with having the girls my myself all day but it was no big deal. I bathed them both together. I have this bath seat for Erin to sit up in now that she is getting close to sitting alone. In theory it is an awesome seat. But the suction cups on the bottom don't actually stick to the tub. Is it because the bottom of my tubs are slightly textured? Any suggestions on how to get it to stick? Anyway Erin was asleep by 7 and Leah by 7:30. I got to scrapbook for half an hour before Lost came on.

Anyone else out there watching Lost this season? So excited about some new TV. See you on the other side...


Keri Donald said...

I'm jealous that you'll have your mom there with you! :) I'm hoping that Keith doesn't try to do something to keep up with fearless Mike and injure himself!

Keri Donald said...

Your post reminded me that I have that bath seat too, so I tried it tonight. I think their fatal flaw is that there is nowhere for the air to escape, so the seat is trying to float up the whole time. Mine seemed to be stuck to the tub at first, but as soon as the water started filling up, it started floating around. :( Maybe I'll drill a couple of holes in the seat???

Also, I was just looking at your website and saw Leah's latest school picture! OMG! I barely recognized her! She's such a little girl now... not a baby anymore!!!