Wednesday, March 14

The Waiting Game

For those of you have been anxiously awaiting the sex of baby Gallers, your wait will be extended indefinitely. The ultrasound tech said that she didn't see any evidence of a penis but the baby was not positioned correctly for her to be sure. So we are assuming a girl, bubt we don't really know. We are not going to be picking bedding or names or anything until we are sure. I was counting on today to set my mind at ease on thinking of boys' names. No such luck :) The baby was completely healthy as far as we could see with all parts in place and everything the right size. The heartbeat was 153bpm and looked fabulous. So ultimately we are happy.

I did however manage to finish the playroom today. Here is a photo of one of the walls. I am really happy with how it came out. You never know when you have an picture in your head how it will actually work. I was also unsure about the sponging technique since I have never used it before. So all in all, it looks just like I thought it would. Now it's time to move on to the next project, Leah's room.

PS Here is a video of Leah playing her new favorite game.



Emily said...

Playroom is cute! Sorry you don't know the gender yet. Well at least you know that someday the mystery will be revealed - little mister or miss has to make their grand debut sometime!

Keri Donald said...

Poop! That must drive you crazy to not know! :( Do they have one of those 3D ultrasound places near you (I'm sure they do in Charlotte)? When I was looking for one for Annabelle, many of them had "gender verification" packages where you only got like 10 minutes of time, and they used the time to find the gender (and many places seemed to have a guarentee so that if baby isn't positioned correctly you can go back). Ugh... I'd be so frustrated! :S
Such a precious video of Ms. Leah! She's getting SO big! And to answer your question on my blog, yes, I usually post videos as public unless I don't think it should be for some reason.

Nikki said...

I was definitely looking forward to finding out the gender. But if you have to wait, I guess I can wait too. :)

The room came out great! So fun! Perfect for a playroom. :)

I can't see the video. :( Is it one of the ones on your website? The Buenos Dias one is amazing. Leah is so smart! I mean.. it's great how she tries hard to learn new words and practices them. She puts in great effort! ;)

Christina said...

The playroom is adorable! What a reason to move to Charlotte...a whole room to confine the mess in. You are so creative!

I love the video of Leah and Mike too. I can't wait to see her this summer. She is such a big girl now.

kelly in nc said...

My favorite part of the play room is the line for hanging her art projects. What a great idea.
As for the mystery baby, my bets are on girl....hopefully it will cooperate next time!