Friday, March 16

Family Month

I think the next month is going to be good to us family-wise. My mom just booked a flight to come visit on the 23rd. Then my step-dad called to ask if he could come the 29th for a few days. We drive over to Durham on the 31st to see Mike's family and help Stacy move in to her new house (at least everyone else will be helping, I will be babysitting). Then my dad and step-mom come to NC April 6th and stay for a week for Easter and during my spring break. Leah will definitely know her grandparents well by the end of this month. We are so happy to spend time with them and to get BABYSITTERS all the time. :)



Christina said...

Family month sounds fun! It is so neat that Landon and Leah will be closer together now!

kelly in nc said...

This month must be the month of visiting. We have a load of family making the trek this month too!

NaeNae said...

Have fun with your family!