Monday, March 19

Nothing to blog about

I have been feeling lately that I have nothing interesting to say. It's funny because I just told Nikki the other day "Just the everyday things are interesting to us" when it comes to blogging. I just have to remember that is true and blog about whatever comes to mind.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for our neighbors Ty and Porter (not related). They both turned one this past week so they had a combined birthday party. It was actually the perfect length for a one-year-old. They played a bit, opened presents, ate their cake, then went home for a nap.

After naptime, we took Leah and Ian bowling. At first, Leah really liked rolling the ball down the lane. But after a while, her favorite game was running out into the lane and turning into a noodle so you couldn't pick her up. That part was lots of fun for Mommy and Daddy. I don't think we will be going bowling again soon (although she looked so cute rolling the ball!).

Mike and Leah have started going on "adventures" lately. He takes her out walking and they come back a little while later full of stories to tell me. Yesterday they walked over to this high school over the hill behind our house. The school has all their track and field stuff out, so Leah played with the hurdles and jumped on the high jump pad. She also ran the bases on the baseball field. I can't wait to put her in T-ball. It will be so adorable!



Nikki said...

Did my October Road post get to you? I still spell my name Nikki! :)

That's so cute that Leah and Mike go on adventures together. Leah the Explorer! She'll treasure those memories forever!

Christina said...

I just had asked Joe this weekend if he thought Zach was old enough to take him bowling. Joe convinced me that Zach would just want to run down the lanes.

Thank you for doing the research for me :-)

Leah must love her adventures with her daddy (and I'm sure it gives mommy some me-time). We saw some four year old's playing soccer at the park this weekend. It was absolutely adorable. I can't wait!

Angelle Gallers said...

Duh, Nikki! You know I knew that, right? Pregnancy brain strikes again. (I love such a convenient scapegoat.)

Kristen said...

Hey Angelle! Thanks for your comment this morning! I read your blog, too :) In fact, I keep Lynn D. up to date with what's going on with you all - ha ha. Leah is so adorable, and I'm sure her little brother or sister will be, too! Hope to see you guys soon!