Monday, March 5

Just another lovely weekend...

Mike is still not finished with that darn shed! He put in quite a few hours this weekend and got very close. There are a few finishing touches still to do, but he promised to help me paint the playroom next weekend, so I don't know when he will get to those. I want the playroom, Leah's room, and baby's room to be done before Hive so everyone can see them.

We also rearranged our upstairs to put furniture in the proper rooms. The futon moved from craft room to music room. The guest bed moved from baby's room to craft room. The CRIB moved from Leah's room to baby's room. That's right, it is officially out. Leah has not looked back once since she transitioned. It was cute though, yesterday before nap she asked to go see her crib. She wasn't too sure about it not being there. But she slept fine.

Sunday night we had neighbors over and grilled yummy stuff to eat. I made a fruit salad and bacon ranch potato salad that was awesome. We really wanted to play outside but it had finally gotten too cool to be out and the wind was insane. You almost couldn't stand upright! It was nice to get together with everyone, especially since Laurie brought a trifle made with cake, cheesecake pudding, and berries!

I felt the baby move I think it was Friday night for the first official time. I have been feeling things I thought could be baby squirms for a good 2 or so weeks now. But that night was a distinct thump on my insides. So we know he or she is alive and kicking. Can't wait until next Wednesday when we have our big ultrasound. I hope that baby cooperates and shows us his/her privates.



Nikki said...

I just asked Jason yesterday if Mike finished the shed. Jason said, "He must've by now." Too funny. I can't believe what a big girl Leah is already. Has she asked for her pacifier at all? She's going to be such an adorable big sister! :)

Christina said...

I can't wait to find out what you guys are having.

Hooray for Leah!

Kelly in NC said...

Oooo, reading about the baby moving makes me miss those days of pregnancy...but not enough to go at it again this soon! I have enjoyed watching you grow and look forward to finding out what sex it is too!