Monday, September 25

The Adventures of a Toddler

Leah has been loving to play outside lately (who can blame her, the weather here is gorgeous!). She'll stand at the door and say "ah-sigh" louder and louder until someone lets her out. Once outside, she explores the grass and chases grasshoppers. She likes the feeling of grass on her bare feet. She will run down the sidewalk to Ian's house shouting "Eeee-aaaaaa" (he's on vacation with his mom right now so we can't play with him). But her very latest thing is blowing bubbles. Now she really can't blow them herself yet unless it's on accident. But she loves to dip the bubble stick into the jar over and over. She also cheers herself on when it goes in (as evidenced by the photo).

Leah has been so much fun lately, a real little girl now. I put her in pigtails for the first time on Saturday. She looked so grown-up. I can't believe that just a few short years ago she didn't exist. I can't imagine life without her or with another baby! I know everyone says you always have more love to give, but I really don't understand how I will be able to feel about the next one the way I do about her. BUT I know it will happen, the same way it happened with Leah. That's the way life and love go.


Keri Donald said...

Love the pigtails! She does look like such a little girl!

So true about the love for additional children! I've thought the same thing... I just can't imagine having that much love to give, but I know I will! :)

Liz said...

That's so funny that you brought up feeling the same way about another child... I have wondered the same thing since I had Ella.. But being the 2nd child, I know it happens. I don't know how... but I know it does...