Monday, September 4

I am nervous

This weekend Mike's parents came to visit. Two days out of the four I ate way more than my Target points for Weight Watchers. Now we get 35 extra points a week (flex points), but I ate even more than 35 extra! Mike and I were talking about it today. He asked if WW was a lifestyle change or a diet. I said it is supposed to be a lifestyle change, and it has been for the most part. I do eat better on a daily basis and am much more conscious of portion sizes and fat in certain foods. On the other hand, to order grilled chicken and steamed veggies at a nice restaurant is such a waste of money, especially for a person like me who loves food and new flavors. So again I am nervous about my weigh-in tomorrow. I just have to remember that life will go on and I can renew my commitment for next week.

Today was the last day the water park is open. It's so weird that here pools close after Labor Day. In Florida, we were still swimming in December! We had lots of fun and took pictures for me to scrapbook (if I ever get to current pictures).

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