Tuesday, September 19

A milestone in weight loss

I have hit the 10 lb mark! I have lost a grand total of 10.6 lbs. In just a few more pounds I will have lost 10% of my body weight. That is an exciting milestone for me and one I plan to reward just as soon as our darn house sells. We have no money to spend on things like massages and pedicures. But we will get there one day.

I just want everyone to know how awesome Leah is. She is so smart! She talks so much and remembers things. We have this book with a picture of chickens in a barn and they say cluck, cluck. I was reading her another book and there was a picture of a barn and she says cluck, cluck? She was looking for the chickens! I didn't even make the connection until we had read this new book a few times.

So is everyone ready for this? Ian is potty training! Laurie didn't even start it with him. He started sitting on the potty for fun, then decided to pee pee before bathtime. Then yesterday he pooped on the potty. So Laurie is going to experiment with putting him in underwear for a few hours a day. Our kids are getting soooo big!


Keri Donald said...

That's SO great Angelle! So cool about Leah too! She's definitely a smart little girl! So, do you think she'll be disappointed the next time that she comes to visit us and realizes that we don't have any "cluck, clucks"? :D

Christina said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Leah will probably want to be just like Ian and will be potty trained really quickly.