Thursday, February 12

Valentine treats and cards

I have spent the last two days making Rice Krispie Treats for all of Leah and Erin's classmates and making cards for their teachers. Thought I'd share how everything came out.

Rice Krispie Treats saying Leah or Erin

All wrapped and ready for transport

Front of card to teacher, Erin's were different colors

Inside of card, Erin's had a different saying because I didn't find this one until this afternoon

On the back of Erin's teacher cards, I put this picture.

Here is the one I used for Leah.


Liz said...

Cute idea. Erin looks so grown up in that picture! And she looks sooo much like Leah!

Keri Donald said...

That is SO sweet and I'm totally stealing those card ideas for next year! :)

Also, the pictures reminded me that I need new pics of your girls. The one I have on my fridge is from Valentine's Day last year! :)