Monday, February 2

Gotta stick to the schedule

I was cranky again yesterday, even after that enjoyable Saturday night. But I think today I will force myself not to be by following my schedule. You can't be cranky if you are feeling a sense of accomplishment. So today I will clean up upstairs, vacuum up there, and change all the sheets on the beds AND I will play with Erin while Leah is at school and play with both girls this afternoon and NOT GET ON THE COMPUTER OR READ the whole time. You won't hear from me again until after bedtime.

Reading is really what does it. Once I pick up a book I don't want to put it down and apparently I get cranky if I have to. I have always kinda known that about myself, but it has been getting worse lately. Maybe it's because I hardly ever get to read anymore and I am resenting it. I used to always read a little before bed, but not I am either too tired or I stay up too late reading and am super tired the next day. I guess I will have ti put reading in moderation on my schedule. I think I may have a scheduling problem, is there a meeting I can go to for this?

Erin is still not herself. She is waking up at night and in the morning crying. That is not like her. She has been on a new antibiotic since Saturday morning since she wasn't getting better on the other one. But I don't see her getting better on this one either so I am calling to talk to her doctor today. Hopefully we can get her back to normal soon, the lack of sleep is not helping anyone.


Nikki said...

I can relate to the reading problem. With how many things we do all day for others, sometimes you just need to take those moments and read for yourself. But unfortunately, no one else understands how much you need those moments so they'll try to steal them right back. There's not a person (or dog!) in my house that likes me to read. They all try to sabotage me as soon as the book comes out. And it gets old. So I feel you.

steschy said...

I can relate to you on the scheduling thing! Our schedule has not been going well! It's driving me insane! I hate when things get messed up. My job is to keep the girls and the house running smoothly. It's nowhere near smooth! Hang in there girl! Seems like you just need some sleep! Hope you start feeling better soon....and your little one!