Monday, February 23

Things I want to remember

These are some things I want to be able to remember about this age with Erin...

* How she will cling to your leg and say "uppy" when she wants to be held

* How when she counts she always says "one, two, sick" (six)

* How she is like a vulture when she sees food, she always has to share yours even if she just finished eating

* How she chases and tackles Ally all day everyday

* How she loves to do anything physical (climb, jump, push)

* How she will tell you "kishes" or "huggies" and then give you one

* How when I leave her in her room at nap/bedtime she says "Bye, Mom"

* How, if Mike is the one to get her in the morning, she gets into bed with me and gives me a big hug first thing, then asks to "wash (watch) a show" then says "'mote pees (remote, please)"


Kelly in NC said...

It's amazing how quickly you will forget this stuff. You'll be so glad that you are writing it down...and so will Erin! I often go back and look at my letters to Grayson and am reminded of those sweet little memories. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Nikki said...

Awe! This list makes me sad that we live so far apart and we don't get to see your girls nearly enough. :(