Thursday, February 5

God's way

I think God may be trying to tell us something. We started thinking about having another child, and BAM Erin gets an ear infection. We say, "OK, we can deal with that," then BAM Leah starts her night coughing again. We say, "Bring it on, what else?" and BAM Erin is throwing up. So maybe we should not be having another? Is this God's way of politely saying get the heck out of Dodge? :) I apologize for the incoherency of this post but it is 2:30AM and I am waiting to see if there is another bout of vomiting before I try to fall asleep.

Ha ha, some joke, God.

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steschy said... sound like me! I'm on the fence about one more also! I don't know if I can handle 3! I'm afraid I might go crazy! I guess if you really think about the long run it is worth it :o) Hope your little one starts feeling better! That's the worst when they're vomiting!