Tuesday, February 3

Pacifier free household

I wanted to write this on here because I am using this as my journal so I can remember milestones for my kids. The last 3 night have been nuk-free over here. Mike didn't give it to her the other night. Because she was so stuffy, it was actually harder to breathe with it in. And it hasn't come up again since then. It is amazing that both girls were so easy to break of nuks. I wonder what other thing will be tough to deal with because of that. :)


Nikki said...

It's funny you say that. I always wondered if Halle being such a great baby would even itself out when she's 16 and sneaking out of the house. I sure hope not! :)

Congrats on being paci-free!

Erin and Rick said...

That is great!! My cousin's oldest daughter Bekah had a really hard time giving up her "yaya" as she called it. They ended up having an elaborate Yaya Burial ceremony when she was about 3. They gathered all her yayas together, and buried them in front of her grandma's house & planted a hibiscus on top of them. But before they tossed each yaya in the hole, Bekah had to take one final suck off each one. Haha! For a long time, Bekah had to drag anyone who came to her grandma's house out front to show them her Yaya Tree.