Tuesday, December 9

A weekend in pictures

Here are our Gator girls getting ready for bed after our big win over Alabama. I love that the girls stand on the stool and brush their teeth together at night.

Mike and Stacy helped Leah and Landon make these menorahs out of letter blocks and washers. They said that they made ones like these as kids. Can't wait to use them!

These are their funny faces. I LOVE these sweaters I got them at Old Navy this weekend. Adorable!

This is Erin's dirty look. I am telling you, this child has a better evil eye than most. I guess Mike had told her is was time to go to bed.


Nikki said...

Adorable pics. Love those menorahs!

steschy said...

Great pics! I need to do a blog post like that....I have so many pictures!

Myrn said...

I didn't realize how much Leah and Landon look alike - they could be siblings!!! Can't wait to see everyone - we miss ya'll!

Christina said...

So cute!!!

Kelly in NC said...

I cna't believe how tall and this Landon has gotten. he is really looking like Stacey now!