Tuesday, December 2

The aftermath

Getting unpacked and back into your routine after a vacation is always tough. We currently have two suitcases that have exploded into out living room. I have no idea what I am making for dinner. I need to get to the gym sometime today. Right now my children are putting one thousand hairclips into their hair. The dishwasher is running AND the sink is still full of dishes. I did manage to go to Target this morning and buy Leah a lunch box to take to her "Lunch Bunch" at school tomorrow AND get toothbrushes for the girls since we threw out their old ones after that stomach bug last week.

I called my mom this morning and left a message asking her if she was interested in taking home a free 16 month old when she comes to visit us. I swear Erin has entered into the terrible twos already. She screams and whines about EVERYTHING. She spent almost 2 hours this morning fussing about EVERY little thing that happened to her, from diaper changes to eating to playing with toys. Ugh.

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steschy said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your girls are so adorable too! They are close in age like my girls! It's craziness at our house....but honestly I love it. They are my world. Anyways...I know how you feel coming home from vacation....you just can't get everything done. The whole schedule is screwed! Hope you're feeling better from your puking incident...my niece was sick with that 24 hour bug...weird....I had that stuff last year and so did my oldest girl....not fun...especially when the babes are sick. As far as your 16 month old whining and such....I remember when Ella did that......she still does....only it's worse....lately she just wants her Daddy....she does not like me since I had Lily! The terrible twos started with Ella when she turned 1!!!! LOL....I think that stuff starts earlier than they say it does! I'm going to blogroll you! I look forward to reading about all you have to say about your life and your two little cuties! Also....Kelly in NC pointed me toward the poem you put on your blog about being a Mom to one baby and then becoming a Mom to two children....made me cry....makes SO MUCH SENSE! LOVED that poem you put on your blog!