Tuesday, December 23

Oh my God, PLEASE stop the coughing!

My two girls are currently coughing fiends at night. They are in the middle of a raging cold and the drainage is awful. BOTH of them have coughing fits that last upwards of an hour at night. Thank goodness lately Leah's have been coming AFTER she wakes up in the morning, but Erin's came last night RIGHT after I had finally dropped off to sleep at 12:30. She cried and cried while coughing, so I went in and rocked her during which she promptly fell asleep. This happened 4 more times over a 2 hour period. Then when Leah wandered in at 7am, she laid in our bed and hacked up a lung for like 20 minutes. Over the monitor I could hear Erin start in too and all I could think was, Oh sweet Jesus, please save me from the coughing.


steschy said...

You poor thing....and your girls! I bet you are all exhausted! Hope you get some rest! Feel better!

Myrn said...

Paw Paw will be there soon to save the day, uhh night!

LeShayne said...

Childrens Mucinex Cough - go get some! We have had the same story in our house for a week now and they have slept so peacefully for two nights straight now. They wake up coughing as it wears off but in the meantime - miracle drug I tell ya!