Friday, December 12

I (heart) food

I am addicted to meal planning and cooking elaborate dinners for special occasions. Today I have spent 1/2 the morning coming up with my menus for Channukah and Christmas Eve dinners. Here is what we are having:

Channukah dinner
matzo ball soup
20 clove brisket
vegan noodle kugel
baked cheese blintzes
homemade rugelach

Christmas Eve dinner
Christmas Cornish game hens
creamy spaghetti & beans
baked zucchini, potato, & rosemary pancake w/salmon cream cheese
garlic green beans w/ shallots & hazelnuts
fudge & butter balls

And for Christmas morning breakfast, I am premaking my Berry French Toast to pop into the oven when we get up.

I am also planning to make a cupcake platter next week for Mike to take to work. I will blog about those more with photos when I make them. Hi, my name is Angelle and I have a food obsession.

PS If you would like any of the recipes not linked, just let me know.


Nikki said...

VERY impressive! Instead of links, can you mail me some of that brisket and rugelah?!? YUUUM. I don't know what fudge and butter balls are, but I'm thinking you should throw a few of them in there too. ;)

Please post pictures of all of this!

stacy said...

ummm...i'm coming to your house!

steschy said...

That's funny how you say..."Hi my name is Angelle and I have a food obsession." I said the same thing to my husband last week...."HI my name is Stephanie and I LOVE baking cupcakes!" I can't wait to see your cupcake platter!

Myrn said...

Berry French Toast? You made something similiar to that here once - maybe we could have an encore when Gee and I visit!?!
Everything sounds great - you, my dear - are a Chef at heart - just like your Dad!

steschy said...

LOVE the menu for the holidays! You are Betty Crocker! I think you stole my title! So when should we go into our cupcake business???? I've been practicing. Going to take some baking classes after the new year! you cook every night for your family?? If so....girl...I'm jealous!

Angelle said...

I do cook pretty much every night, but not elaborate meals like this. Last night we had jarred spaghetti sauce with cut up Italian sausages in it over fettucine (cause that's the only kind of pasta I had in my pantry).

Kayci Ayers said...

I seriously love reading your posts! Now I'm starving!