Wednesday, September 12


So I had to watch Britney's performance at the VMAs, especially after Erica's comments. I had DVR'ed it and put on just the beginning this morning. Wow, it was BAD! I mean, REALLY bad. Britney looked as if she had to concentrate so hard to remember the words, she couldn't think about anything else. She barely moved around the stage, and the dancing she did do wasn't even full out. Her face was had no expression the entire time.

When the camera would show audience members, their faces were so funny. They looked like they were trying to be encouraging, but couldn't actually LIKE the performance. I will watch the rest later when Leah is sleeping because I saw the first minute of Sarah Silverman's monologue and it is NOT toddler-appropriate. :)


Erica Lynn said...

Did you check out Chris Brown's performance .. I know you'd like it :)

Keri Donald said...

That girl is rediculous! I think she just needs to concentrate on being a normal person for a while and give the spotlight and partying a rest.

stacy said...

wow, just watched it..that sucked...poor poor britney...i guess she'll just have to live off the millions she already has, b/c she aint makin no more