Wednesday, September 5

A few notes from my life

I have random bits of news to share. Let's get started...

I swear Erin is smiling now! Not consistently, but yesterday she and I were talking and I am pretty sure I caught a few smiles. I need to get them on camera, they are ridiculously adorable (what baby smiles aren't?).

I went walking with the CDS girls this morning! There were four of us, each pushing a stroller (me with my new double) taking up all of the road! It was funny. But anyway, I am proud of myself for getting started back on the path to fitness. A few more weeks and I will be back on Weight Watchers too.

Leah is so funny when Erin cries. She says over and over, "I know, baby, I know." I have noticed myself saying it now that I hear her say it, but I never realized it before. Kids pick up EVERYTHING!

Other than that, my dad & step-mom are coming tomorrow to visit for the weekend. Then the next weekend, the Konickis are stopping at our house on their way to Gatlinburg and we are following them up there for a few days. Our first overnight trip with Erin! I may be wrong, but I think Leah was almost 3 months before we went on an overnight. Ahhh, how things change with the second.

Mike is wakeboarding today, so it is my first day, ALL day, with 2 kids and just me. So far so good (at 3pm). I was even able to clean the kitchen, mop, and clean the downstairs bathroom while the girls were napping. We will see how bath and bed go. :)


Nikki said...

Ha! I love that Leah is saying "I know, baby, I know"!! That's what I say to crying babies (or fussy toddlers when they're tired) too. Leah is such a little grown up already! :)

The Ayers Family said...

It nice to know your oldest is part parrot as well!

Christeeny said...

When we're ready, we'll be dragging the kids behind us in trailers on our BIKES. *mwahahaha*

Leah is such a great big sister, ain't she?

Christina said...

That is so cute! Leah must be adorable with Erin. I can't wait to see for myself.

Good for you getting back on the fitness track! I can't wait!!!

NaeNae said...

Cute story about Leah!

Good luck on your overnight stay! I'm sure it will be fine. Have fun!

LeShayne said...

Congrats on the new baby! She's beautiful - both girls are. And of course I dont mind...I've been reading yours too! Glad things are going well for you.