Sunday, September 23

See-saws - Not safe for children

And apparently not safe for adults either! Today we took the girls to a new playground in Waxhaw (it is next to a skate park that is being repaired). They had two see-saws, the kind that are just a pole with a slab of wood at each end to sit on. The handles are just a small piece of metal at the front of each seat. So at first Mike and I got on and tried it out. He is heavier so he kept pushing off really hard and I would fly down. I didn't like it because there was hardly anything to hold on to and I felt like I was going to fall off every time. Then Leah wanted to ride. Mike held her while I pushed on the other side with my arms. Then we switched and I held her. Mike suggested we all ride together, so I got on with Leah and he got on the other side. That went well, because we were pretty evenly weighted. Leah then wanted to ride the OTHER see-saw. So Mike put her on and got on behind her and suggested that I get on the other side. I didn't want to, but decided to be a good sport. Of course they were WAY heavier than me and every time Mike pushed off, I felt like I was going to fall. I told him to stop, I wanted to get off. He stopped with me at the top. I thought he was going to let me down slowly, so I started to slide off a bit but couldn't stop myself and slid off all the way! I tried to hang on so I ended up twisting around the seat and landed on the ground HARD on my right side. It knocked the breath out of me pretty good and left a few bruises. I thought that was the extent of my injuries, but here it is 6 hours later and my right outer thigh feels bruised on the inside. I think I did something to the muscle. Seriously I couldn't even carry the baby up the stairs tonight! It hurts to walk or put any pressure on it. Mike starts his new job tomorrow so if I am injured, he can't even stay home and take care of us. I hope it feels better when I wake up.

So moral of the story - don't ride see-saws. Also don't listen to your husband. He has no idea what he is talking about.


Brittany said...

When I was little, I knocked my two front teeth out while playing on a see-saw. Moral of my story: Don't put your mouth on the handle of moving playground equipment!

Kyle and Chelsi said...

Ouch! I always thought those seemed quite dangerous. Hope you are healing and feeling better. - Chelsi

Rhiannon said...

Ouch, that sucks! Bad see-saw.