Wednesday, September 12

School Days

I really love that we are sending Leah to "school." She is always excited to go. Granted, I don't actually drop her off, Mike has been doing that since Erin is born. (I will probably get back to it when he starts his new job. More on that in another post.) But I am sure she is giddy with joy when she gets there. Every time I pick her up, she is happy to see me and says, "Mama, I go home with you? Awwww, my baby!" She loves seeing Erin in her carrier at pick-up time. I love seeing art projects I did not have to clean up after. :) They are all over our playroom now. Another non-Leah related plus is that I can either get so much done with only one OR I can relax and chill and veg on the computer or read the entire time. I can also take that time to just concentrate on Erin and what she needs instead of trying to juggle things. It is truly one of the best decisions we have made.

I started this post last night then had to feed Erin and put her to bed in the middle, so I did not finish. Now is is 7am and the girls have been up since 6. Both are happy, smiling, and playful. BUT I didn't hardly sleep because Erin was nursing like every hour and a half. So hopefully I can make it through the day.


Christina said...

I'm glad to hear that Leah still likes school. I was worried that Zach was going to feel left out if I picked him up with Kaitlyn.

I'm glad you get to be a little bit of a guinea pig for me :-)

Good luck getting some rest today. Maybe Erin will take a nice nap for you.

Kayci Ayers said...

You are so lucky to have that time for yourself every day. I need to find Kleven some kind of outlet too. He isn't shy about vocalizing his opinion of the way I spend my time these days.