Friday, September 21

Book Tour #4 Questions

Okay, these are all the questions I got this time around. If you read it and didn't send me a question, that's okay. You can still answer these on your blog. Everyone who answers, please comment this entry and let everyone know that you answered the Q's.

1. In the book, many secrets had been kept. What kind of an impact did these secrets have on the characters once they were revealed?

2. How would you feel if your child looked like he/she was from a race neither you or your partner showed evidence of? Would you worry about your child's future?

3. When Hugh discovers that Lizzie is a different race than him he questions the paternity of the child. He doesn't understand why Dana is so upset that he wants to prove he is the father. Do you feel that the faith and trust you have in your partner should be enough in this situation? Would you need to prove to other people and to yourself that you were correct?

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