Sunday, July 20

The Land of Waterfalls

And we saw most of them. We had such an awesome time in Brevard. We drove over there on Thursday. I just realized that I didn't get ANY pictures of the cabin. I know Myrn did, so I may have to steal hers. It was a 3 bedroom, a full bed in each of the downstairs bedrooms and two sets of bunks in the upstairs bedroom. The porch on the back was really cool, the swing was made of tree trunks. We had nighttime issues though because I wanted to put the two girls in the bunkbed room, but Erin would have none of it. She always sleeps alone, so we had NO idea she was such a light sleeper. Finally we took a mattress from upstairs and put it in our bedroom for Leah and everyone slept better after that.

On Friday, we headed over to Pisgah National Forest and hiked to Looking Glass Falls. It was time for a picnic after that. Then we stopped in at Sliding Rock where Mike took a few slides. He claimed it was the COLDEST water he had EVER felt. We took a quick jaunt (like that word?) to Jackson Falls where I was interviewed for the evening news. Yes, you read that right. There was a bridge that had been washed out in a hurricane in like 2001. They had finally rebuilt it and they were doing a piece on the bridge for the news. We just happened to be walking across it when the guy was looking for people to talk to. So we chatted a bit about it. :) We watched the news that night but we never saw it. We did miss the first 20 minutes, so maybe we missed the bit. Oh well. Leah ended up wet so we had to stop by Walmart to get her some clothes to wear.

Anyway, we got some ice cream and went back to check out Slick Rock Falls. Then it was back to the cabin for dinner and clean up. Mike and I put the girls to bed and got to go out for dinner on our own.

Saturday my dad and Myrn headed in to Brevard to shop while Mike and I took the girls to Hooker Falls (that was a good one). It was actually a swimming hole.
The water was FREEZING and I had not brought a suit for me or Erin. She ended up getting wet anyway. Dad & Myrn met us there and we headed home for lunch. I put Erin down for a nap and Mike & I took Leah to the Zero Gravity Skatepark. Here are some highlights of that outing.

Then we all went out to the Pisgah Fish Camp for dinner. We tooled around Walmart. The kids went to bed and we sat on the porch drinking wine and laughing til the wee hours. That was fun.

Sunday my dad & Myrn left at 8am and we took the girls on one more hike to Triple Falls. It was awesome! The falls were all stone and Mike and I took turns climbing to the very top of the third fall(s?).
Then we went swimming one last time at Hooker Falls. I even swam all the way out to the falls! And if you know me, you know I am a total wuss when it comes to cold water. We packed up and headed home soon after.


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Oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun!

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Those pics are beautiful! I'm glad you had a great time - can't wait to see you!!