Monday, July 21

The Er-bear

She is on the move! Finally last week she started crawling for real. Gates and bathroom door must be closed at all times. Today she was pulling to standing on the sofa and coffee table. She constantly wants to be holding your hands and walking around.

Also this past week, she has been doing a bunch more signs. We have seen change (a diaper), eat, milk, more, bath, the "roll it" from Pat-a-Cake, and tonight completely unsolicited, she signed bed. So we put her to bed, even though it was a little earlier than I had planned. She went right to sleep. I LOVE that my 11 month old can tell me when she is tired. That is awesome!


Keri Donald said...

Hard to believe that our babies are doing those things already! It seems like only yesterday that we were huge and carrying them around in our tummies!

Christina said...

I know it is so exciting and sad all at the same time!

Good for you Erin.

Rhiannon said...

We need some video of her crawling and cruising!! Yay Erin!!

Nikki said...

signing bed is awesome