Saturday, July 26

Avenue Q

If you plan to go see Avenue Q, don't listen to the soundtrack before you go. It will be so much funnier if you don't know what is coming. But even hearing most of the jokes doesn't keep it from being pretty funny anyway. Heads up too, it is strictly an adult show. DO NOT bring your kids thinking it's like Sesame Street.

My friend Mandi and her husband Barry are here, like I said in the last post. They had seen a couple of places from Charlotte featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (from the Food Network). Yesterday we ate at both the Penguin Drive-in and the Bar-be-que King. The Penguin won as the better food, but both were good. We ate fried pickles at the Penguin and they were fabulous. My favorite of the entrees I tasted was the fried bologna sandwich. Who woulda thunk it? We did take out of BBQ King and ate it for dinner. It was traditional NC bbq with that slightly vinegar taste. The cole slaw was also the vinegar base. I normally don't like either of those things, but pile them on top of each other and they were pretty yummy. Thumbs up for D, D, and D!

Oh yeah, going back to the Avenue Q night. We left home at 5pm and didn't get home til 11:30. We had a teenage babysitter for all that time with the girls. The kids really seemed to like her. She fed them dinner AND put them to bed! And when we got home (although she didn't give me that much info), she said, and I quote, "They were fine." And that's that. So yay for finding a babysitter. We are looking forward to many more nights out now.

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Jacqueline said...

Yeah for going out on a date!!! Sounds like you had fun. I have started a "Babysitters Notebook" for when we actually go out on a date. Yes, I said a notebook; emergency phone #'s, where the first aid kit is, mapquest to the Dr.'s office, medication guide ... I am still working on it. I know - I need help. :)