Monday, January 1

And a happy new year!

I have been severely chastised for not updating this blog so here it is. :)

The weekend before Christmas, my step-dad came to visit. He took Leah into the "forest" near our house and she had a blast. She still talks about everything that she saw in the forest ("tee fall down"). It was so cute what she said one day too. My step-dad shaves his head. So we were talking about what color hair everyone has. Leah said brown for her own, mommy, and daddy, but for Pops she said "all gone!" How funny!

Then, we had a wonderful Christmas with my mom here. Leah got so used to opening presents every time she woke up (from naps and nighttime) that she continued to ask for them every time. I don't know how much Leah understood of Santa, but we left out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer. She liked doing that.

After Christmas, our friends from Florida Jason & Nikki came to visit for a few days with their daughter Halle who is 10 months. It was fun catching up and seeing the two girls interact. It has rained a lot this past week though, yuck. Mike is going a little stir crazy.

Next weekend we are planning to head over to Banner Elk, I think, to check out the mountains and give Mike a chance to try out his new snowboard. We even got a Leah some snow pants the other day at Target. Now all she needs is boots and we are set. Come to think of it, I need boots too.

I'm sure all of you know this by now but I wanted to officially announce it here. We are expecting another baby Gallers. I am almost 8 weeks along and the baby is due August 17th (Aunt Brittany's birthday). I have been feeling pretty well most of the time, just tired a lot. I do have bouts with a yucky feeling but nothing permanent. We are so excited. Leah now says "big sisser We-ah." It is adorable.

Well, that's all the news for now. Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday season and I wish much happiess in the coming year for you and your families.


NaeNae said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy!

kelly in nc said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I see my sister has found your site (above). I'll have to catch up on your adventures this weeka t school. Sorry we didn't get to talk much last week...I was a bit CRAZY!