Friday, January 12

New beginnings...

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to the mountains for the weekend. I am very excited about it for two reasons. First of all, just our little family is going. We have never been on a trip that was just us. It's kinda nice to start doing things on our own. In addition, I am very excited to see how Leah reacts in the snow. We have an adorable snowsuit for her and some boots. She looks so cute and wants to wear it around the house. I am afraid she will give herself a heat stroke! But it's nice to see that she is excited. She talks about going with daddy to the mountains to play in the snow. So I will update about how our weekend went when we get back.

More news from us! We set up a toddler bed in Leah's room last night. Ever since Ian started sleeping in his big boy bed (a twin), Leah has talked about her big girl bed. So we borrowed one from our neighbor (Thanks, Tiffany!) and set it up. We read our bedtime stories in it last night and she really liked that. Then when she laid down and I covered her up, she said, "No, Mommy!" So we talked about it and she wanted to be in her crib. I really don't care one way or another (at least until the baby comes). I just figured while she was interested, we would let her play in it and get comfortable for when she HAS to switch (not for many months yet).

On a personal note, I have been reading/seeing quite a bit lately about postpartum depression. When I was pregnant with Leah, I knew it existed but never even considered I would have it. And I didn't. But with this one, I don't know. I am really scared about it. I just think the combination of a newborn and a toddler might send me over the edge. This journal on has really made me think. Here is a seemingly perfectly normal woman with two precious children and for several months in the beginning, she just can't get it together. Then the recent episodes of Scrubs features Carla getting postpartum depression with her first child. I just wonder if I will be able to handle it. I gues millions of people DO handle it every day. I will just try not to think about it.


Emily said...

I think that it's smart that you're concerned about PPD. I know my OB talked about it and would ask how I was, and gave me materials. I did feel more overwhelmed this time around, just balancing two kids vs. one is a big transition. I would not worry to much about it, but informing yourself is smart.

Hey - I just blogged about toddler beds, not in response to this, I've been meaning to write it for a while. We ended up going up to a twin recently - he's an active sleep, there's more to it in my post - but it looks like you've got a good start going with Leah. Very smart to give her a while and get her unattached from the crib before baby arrives. Jackson has tried to get in the crib a couple of times, and there's actually a crack in it now because Jackson was put in it by a relative, then he proceeded to get his leg stuck and Addam had to break and then glue the crib back together!

Anonymous said...

Angelle, I am sad to hear that you are worried about having to mother two children. If anyone in this world can do it it is you. If you can handle thirty school aged kids at one time, you will be exceptional at loving two of your own.
You are going to be great!
Love you,

NaeNae said...

I know now, that I went through PPD with my first child. I didn't recognize it until much later. For me, I just felt overwhelmed as a mother. I questioned my mothering skills and my decision to have children, on a daily basis. It was actually one of my closest friends who pointed out that I wasn't myself. When we became pregnant with the second child, I was prepared for the depression - but luckily, it never came. Every pregnancy is different, I guess. I'm glad you are educating yourself on the subject. I wish I had the first time around.

kelly in nc said...

Leah looks so cute in her outfit! Hope you had fun and that the weather cooperated!
As for PPD, the best thing about it is that there is help for it, if you do happen to come down with the symptoms! It sounds like your pregnancy hormones may be causing some unnecessary worrying!

shelly said...

I had a touch of postpartum depression last year after the birth of my son. I realized how bad only after taking Zoloft. It really did help. Good luck.