Monday, December 11

Counting to twelve

I don't think I mentioned in the last post that we closed on our house December 1st! Now we are officially single-home owners. Glad to have the $ here before Christmas too. Mike is already in the process of purchasing a 50" plasma TV for our living room. And we will be building a shed in the backyard shortly. So there goes our earnings. :)

My genius baby is counting to twelve lately. She skips five and nine, but, hey, who cares?!? She is counting! Also, I have to tell a Dora story. We were watching an episode we had never seen before (there is such a thing?). Backpack opens up and they ask the kids to find something to slide down the snowy mountain. They point to a pair of binoculars and say is this it? Leah says "No." They point to a pair of skis and say is this it? Leah says "YES!" How the heck does she know what skis are? Geez, what that child DOESN'T know!

Last week of work before winter break. Can't wait!


Keri Donald said...

I love the "counting to 12" video! That's so awesome that she knew something that she hadn't seen before too. Bellee is starting to watch Dora now, but, of course, has no idea what's going on... just likes the animation (at least I think that's it... haha)! :)

kelly in nc said...

SOunds like it is time to take her to the moutains!