Tuesday, October 10

Various & sundry items

This past week I did not follow Weight Watchers at all. I just ate what I wanted when I wanted. At the weigh-in today I was nervous, I thought for sure I gained 5 lbs. Only 0.4! I am back on the horse as of today so I can keep losing and meet my goal before Christmas.

In other news, I had a job interview on Monday at a charter school called Union Academy. I know you are thinking, job? I thought she was staying home with the baby. Well, all my thoughts on that are in a previous post if you are interested. AND we just had to lower the price on our FL house (yet again) another 30K. So money will be tight for a bit. Anyway, the position was described to me as a full-time 5th grade english teacher in a middle school setting, which would be really fun because I loved teaching middle school. I spoke with the assistant principal on the phone and she asked several times, "Are you sure you are interested in coming back to work?" I convinced her and we set up the interview. Over the weekend, Mike and I got to talking about me working again and I got really sad about it. I really DON'T want to work full-time and leave Leah all the time, especially now that she would know I was gone. I don't want all the stress and pressure of that kind of position. So I called the AP before the interview and said all of these things, but also said I am still looking for possible part-time/subbing work. She said to come in anyway.

SO I go to the interview. They really liked me. They even entertained the possibility of splitting the position so that I would only have to work half-days. During the interview they brought in a lady who is in charge of the Exceptional Children department (EC). She needs people to co-teach in classrooms to help those with learning disabilities and also possibly pull small groups. She is willing to take part-time or full-time.

In the end they found someone to take the full-time 5th grade position, but they still want to talk to me about the EC position. I haven't discussed it with the EC coordinator yet, but I think it might be fun. She had said I could kind of set my own schedule. I am looking forward to hearing from her.

That has been my crazy life this past week. We had a wonderful weekend, playing in the cul-de-sac, laying by the fire, going shopping, etc. Mike got to spend lots of quality time with Leah and allowed me to do my own thing quite a bit. I LOVE my husband! :)

Update: I have a job! I took that EC job from 10:45-2 everyday. Leah will either stay with Laurie or my other neighbor Kim. I love the hours and I love that everyday will not be the same AND that there are NO sub plans to write when you are out! I start October 18th (Wed) and I do three days of shadowing/learning before I officially have to deal with kids on the following Monday (23rd). So there you have it. The best of both worlds, as long as the job works out and I enjoy it. Keep your fingers crossed!


Keri Donald said...

Would Leah go back to daycare or would she stay with the people in your "commune"? :) It's great that they are willing to work with you like that. Sounds like parttime would work out well. I still have SO many things to do around the house, but if those things ever get completed (HA!), parttime might not be too bad... in a totally new field though, not software. I know you loved working with "your kids" and would be great at anything you do. I don't see how anyone could NOT jump at the chance to have you work with/for them! :)

Kelly in NC said...

I can't tell you how glad I am to work with you again. I hope the EC thing works out. I know that it isn't your top choice, but it does have some perks...like you listed above. I thin that you are a great teacher and that we are lucky to get you!

Emily said...

Forgot to comment earlier - congratulations! Sounds like a good work situation.