Sunday, October 8

Next on ER...

So this weekend has been an adventure, so to speak. As you all may or may not know, Laurie is pregnant (due in MAY). Long story short, she has a history of blood clots. She went on vacation last week and spent many hours on buses and planes. She noticed pain in her leg that seemed to move around. I suggested it may be a blood clot and we were off to the ER Friday night at about 7pm. Got home at midnight. It was a clot but they said superficial. So she is watching it now and back on her blood thinners. First night of fun.

On to the next story. A few days ago Leah's left eye was had yellow/greeney goop coming out of it non-stop. Then she started coughing at night. She threw up a bunch of mucus one night. Had a low grade fever at night for a few nights. Then yesterday (Saturday) the other eye started gooping and she was complaining about her ear. We noticed a yellow crust around the opening of her ear. Of course I started researching and came up with ruptured eardrum. So I took her to the urgent care clinic (Mike finished watching the Gator game). Turns out to be a sinus infection. No ear infection. So we have meds now and hopefully she will be better soon. She slept well last night after we finally got home at almost 9pm. We shall see.

That was my fun with sickness weekend. It HAS been very nice cold weather here and rainy too. We had a fire going in the fireplace ALL day yesterday, which was so cozy. The rain is kinda nice too, makes you want to cuddle up. I hope all of you Floridians get to cuddle up sometime this winter!

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Kelly in NC said...

Missed you in Savannah...but it sounds like you would have needed to stay home anyhow. Hope Leah is feeling better!