Monday, December 31

A ride in review

Number of hours in the car: 10
Number of miles traveled: 750
Number of presents stuffed in the van: 29
Number of pieces of dry ice packed: 1
Number of stops: 4
Number of times Cinderella was watched: 3
Number of episodes of Dora watched: 10
Number of times Leah asked "Are we there yet?": 21
Number of diapers changed: 8
Number of hours Leah slept: 1.5
Number of hours Erin slept: 5.5
Number of times Leah refused to eat the cheeseburger she asked for: 12
Number of ounces of formula Erin sucked down to minimize stopping: 8
Number of times Leah randomly said "Mommy/Daddy I love you": Never too many


Brittany said...

So, Cinderella, huh? Does that mean she moved on from The Little Mermaid? I need to stay up on the inside scoop so I can prepare for the next gift giving occasion!

Keri Donald said...

Nice recap! :)

Mandi said...

I loved this recap. It's great! I can't wait to see the girls again! (oh and their parents too.) :)