Friday, December 14

On demand

I found out that we do have Exercise TV in Demand! Now I can do Pilates and Yoga in my living room. It's not exactly the same but it's something.

Erin has not been sleeping well at night. Beginning at about 11pm she wakes up every two hours and sometimes every hour until morning. Mike and I discussed this at 4:45 am while we were listening to her cry since 4am and decided that both girls need an earlier bedtime. They don't go to bed late, maybe between 7:30 and 8 for Leah and varies for Erin depending on her naps. But I think 6pm will be Erin's new temporary bedtime for a while until we see how she is doing. Leah will be going to bed at 7pm for the next week. We want to see if this helps the night waking. My favorite sleep book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, almost always advocates trying an earlier bedtime if things are not going well. Leah has also been waking in the night 3 out of the last 5 nights. So early bedtimes all round!

Update: I just did 30 min of Pilates from ExerciseTV On Demand. It feels good!


Tiffanyrose said...

See, that is why my kids are in bed by 6:30 most nights, for their health as well as mine!

Emily said...

I've been doing the Exercise TV online (we don't have the cable package that includes exercise TV) - do you recommend a good pilates video? I've been doing a Total Body one by Nicole Stewart (I think that's her name). I have been feeling so much better since I started working out, and am really enjoying the pilates.

The Nanny said...

Angelle--can I have your e-mail address so you can view my blog? (I'm private now)