Monday, November 26

Taking a break...

from housecleaning to veg on the computer for a few minutes. I decided this year not to clean the house before people came. I straightened and wiped things down. But really there is no point in deep cleaning before you have visitors. Everything just gets dirty again and you get frustrated because you just cleaned.

So I waited until today and then I:
mopped the kitchen
swept the hardwood
did laundry
weeded toys out of the playroom

Leah has gotten/will be getting so many things for Christmas/Channukah that I had to make room. I put a bunch of things in a tub to rotate back in after a few months. This child is spoiled, let me tell you.

Update on my goals:
1. Stick to Weight Watchers and show consistent weight loss - not on Thanksgiving week, thanks :)
2. Run a 5K once a week - I ran one Tuesday
3. Improve my time from 45 minutes (no set time goal) - improved time of 42:00
4. Get to the gym twice a week minimum - only one gym appearance last week, again due to Thanksgiving

I plan to head to the gym tomorrow for either yoga or to run a 5K, depending on what time I make it. I have started this week well on WW. I am ready to start fresh!


Tiffanyrose said...

I am totally inspired by you! I ran/speed walked today. My goal is 5 days a week. I agree with you on the house cleaning! I like to have it clean after the chaos and before we leave on a trip anywhere so we come home to cleanliness.

NaeNae said...

I agree - major cleaning is not needed when guests are coming to visit. Save it for later.

Jacqueline said...

I definitely understand about the cleaning. I used to get so mad when I owuld spend so much time before guest came over and then it owuld be trashed in no time. You have got it figured out girl!
Good luck on your goals. You sound like you have a game plan. Have you done yoga before? I haven't, but alway wanted to.