Tuesday, November 6

5am wake-up call

This morning both girls were up at 5am. What is up with that? I guess they are still adjusting to the time change and it is throwing them all off. Leah tossed and turned in our bed until 6:30, then we put the TV on for her. Erin ate and I laid her back down. She talked until 5:45, then started to cry, so I brought her in our bed too. When she kept being loud, I brought her downstairs until 6:30, then I put her back to bed when she started rubbing her eyes. She is still sleeping as of 8am. I will have to get her up soon though. We have to bring Leah to school at 8:30.

So Laurie and I decided to start "Letter of the Week" activities with the kids. She bought these cool preschool activity books. This one has snacks that begin with each letter. This one has art projects that we can do for each letter. We will do an activity 3 afternoons a week on non-school days. Laurie choose to do the first week. So she printed out a picture of the sign for A (sign language) and filled a bag with things that begin with A. She also played an alphabet song and had the kids jumping when they saw an A on the flashcards. They made apple prints on a big letter A and ate apples for a snack. All of that took about 15 minutes. We both said at the end of it How do people teach preschool?

I have B week next. Any suggestions for fun B activities?


Christina said...

Bubbles and baloons :-)

Keri Donald said...

Have the preschoolers take care of the babies! :)

Erica Lynn said...

Bee Movie! :)

Emily said...

I made some worksheets in power point if you want them. Also, there are some great online resources, like http://www.learningpage.com/free_pages/gallery.html and http://www.starfall.com/ for starters.

We've been doing a letter a day (Jackson already knew them as we'd been doing them on a casual basis). I've been doing the letter and then taking that into talking about one subject, like today we did water for W. Tomorrow we'll do X for xylophone and talk about music. We get a lot of books from the library. We also do math workbooks that have nothing to do with the theme. It usually takes us about an hour.

The next phase is getting some phrases down, like -at words, etc... I was actually going to email you for advice on the subject.

Rhiannon said...

Ugh, I hate early morning wake up calls. Ty has been pretty consistent at getting up around 6, no matter what we do always 6, except for Halloween, too bad we can't go trick or treating every night.

You could have them make B's in the sand. Take some sand from the sand box and put it in shallow pans and have them make them with their fingers.