Tuesday, May 29

One sick puppy...

We had such a great/awful weekend in Ft Lauderdale with Mike's parents. First of all, Tuesday night Leah began having coughing fits whenever she tried to sleep. They would wake her up once or twice a night and we felt really bad. By the time we got to Florida, she was waking up 4 and 5 times a night and crying. Saturday night was the worst. She woke up every hour and thrashed around. Nothing would comfort her. She would just cough and cough and eventually throw up all the mucus in her little throat. She was SO cranky during the day because she was sleep-deprived. We gave her a medicine phobia too because we tried so many different kinds. She started saying "No, Mommy" in her pathetic little voice everytime she even saw a medicine bottle. Somehow Sunday night we broke through a little and she slept a bit better. Then last night at home (finally) she slept from 6:30pm until 7am! She did wake up coughing a few times, but it didn't really wake her up.

It just occurred to me yesterday when our plane was landing, that maybe she has an ear infection. I realized that when she was little, the first sympton I noticed when she did have one was the coughing at night from the drainage. And THEN I put that together with how on each flight she started crying out of control on decent and didn't stop until we were on the ground. I made my poor child FLY with a possible ear infection and had NO clue! Horrible mother, here!!! I was going to take her to the doctor today and just pay everything out of pocket (new insurance doesn't kick in until Friday of course), but she slept so well last night and seems okay today. So we will see. I have read that ear infections CAN go away on their own. Maybe this one will, if that's what it is.

Onto the good stuff. We bought the best contraption EVER! It is called the Go Go Babyz Travelmate and it worked so well at the airport. We bought Leah her own seat for the first time so we took her carseat on the plane instead of checking it. This thing attaches to the carseat and turns it into a stroller for getting around the airport and then can go right on the plane with you. Everyone in the airport was impressed with it :) Friday we went to Ronni's teacher supply store and Leah and I had a BLAST! We found lots of stuff we wanted. Too bad we were limited by our suitcases.

That night we went to Melting Pot for dinner. I am sure Leah would have enjoyed it more had she been eating at the time (oh yeah, forgot to mention the coughing robbed her of appetite too). But she was still good and everyone else enjoyed it immensely. Funny story: At the end of the meal, the waitress asked when I was due and I said August. She said (and I quote) "Oh, honey, you are big!" I responded that I had just eaten a big meal and she said, "No, you really are just big." Um, hello? What gives people the right to tell pregnant women how big they are and how they don't think we can make it? Ridiculous!!!

Saturday we played at the playground in the morning and went to the beach in the afternoon. I didn't get lots of pictures because it was too hard for me to get in and out of my beach chair. That darn big belly. :) Leah REALLY loved sticking seashells on the sandcastles with Brynn and digging holes with Halle. She was terrified to go in the water though. It was pretty rough and the lifeguard actually had to warn the guys to stay out because of the rip currents. So they buried Mike instead. Then we had a barbeque back at Steve & Ronni's.

Sunday we went to our friends Nicole and Min's for a taco dinner. We called the grandparents to pick Leah up after like an hour because she was SO grouchy. After that Mike and I had a little peace. We even talked about getting a hotel room for the night and just not going home :) But we would never leave our sick peanut.

So that was our trip, and boy were we glad to be home last night. I slept very well in between Leah's coughing fits. I missed my pregnancy pillow so much. I never want to leave home without it, but it is gi-normous.

How was everyone else's weekends?



Kelly in NC said...

I really like the Travelmate. Looks very interesting. I think that it may be on my next baby acessory to purchase.
Glad you had a great weekend. You can catch up on mine by going to my blog!

Jacqueline said...

I am glad that Leah is feeling better. Sounds and looks like she still had fun. Kids are resilient! By the way, Aug. 12 is a great day to have your baby. (My bday.) Will you have another ultrasound to find out the gender?