Tuesday, May 15

Mother's Day

I really love that my family has a tradition of having tea together on Mother's Day (or that weekend anyway). This past weekend, my sister Lauren flew up to NC and drove with me & Leah to Savannah. We met my mom and sister Carly there on Friday. We ate at The Lady & Sons that night. It's Paula Deen's restaurant that she started back when she was trying to support her two sons on her own. Good ole southern cookin'. It was yummy, but actually not as fabulous as I thought it would be.

Then on Saturday we swam in the hotel pool and Leah & I napped while the others shopped a bit. In the late afternoon we went to tea at The Tea Room, Savannah. Leah had been talking for days about having a tea party with "Gammy" so she was super psyched. It was so much fun! They let Leah borrow Miss Spider's Tea Party to read at the table. When we sat down, they took away her place setting and replaced it with a heavy duty teacup and tiny silverware just her size. She LOVED cutting her food up with her "knife" (it was actually a spreader). They gave her a fruit plate all her own and she ate a tomato sandwich and dessert off my plate. We sat near the sofa, so when she got bored, she climbed up and read her book. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was just right. We bought the book for Leah to take home and remember our tea party.

That evening we walked down River Street. Now we had gone on a girls trip to Savannah one other time so we were fairly familiar with the area. We had our tarot cards read last time and it was fun, so we hunted up the tarot card reader again. She was there (this time with a 2 yr old son!). So we did it again! Let's see, what did she say? Two things stand out: (1) she said that my husband had just had a very important business opportunity (getting hired on my BOA?) and that another one would follow shortly AND (2) my work situation was going to change (staying home full-time). After this change I would comtemplate starting a small business with a friend and it would be a success. Oh yeah, and I would be pregnant within a year of having THIS one and IT would be a boy. So yikes! Fun, though, huh?

Sunday we took the scenic riverboat tour of Savannah. Leah really liked seeing the other boats pass and going under the bridge. But you know what her favorite part of the entire trip was? Coming home. She asked to go home from the minute we got into our hotel room Friday. She was SO excited to see Daddy when we got home. It made his day.

I have been feeling okay. My sciatic nerve is really bothering me lately, especially with all the walking we did this weekend. I am just feeling so heavy and it is hard to control my body. On the other hand, I will begin my third trimester this Friday. Can you believe it's already here? I STILL don't feel like there is a baby coming to our house in 3 months, even though I feel him/her moving in there all the time. When does it become real with the 2nd one? I am so much more concerned with the bonding this time around, even though the tarot card reader promised that it would all turn out okay. That's a reliable source, right?



Emily said...

Don't worry about bonding. Honestly, it will happen. You really will love the 2nd as much, but in differeent ways, than your oldest.

Being pregnant the second time is weird too because you kind of know the drill, and you're so busy taking care of a youngun, so that takes up your "pondering on our new baby" time. If that makes sense.

Sounds like Savannah was fun! I need to go back soon.

Kelly in NC said...

I'm jealous about your weekend. It sounded great! Pregnant within a year of this one huh...and did they say what the sex of the current one will be??? Too interesting. I loved having my cards read the last time. What fun!

NaeNae said...

It sounds like you girls had a great Mother's day! I love the tradition of going for "tea" on your special day!

Christina said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your mothers day.

I feel the exact same way. I can't wait for the babies to just get here already so we can figure out for ourselves that it will all be ok :-)

Jacqueline said...

Hello! I love the pictures from your weekend! Great memories!!
Even when I was in the 3rd trimester with Jack, I still did not feel that we were really going to have another child soon. It was just because I was so busy working and tending to Sam. You will bond with your second child perfectly! It will be different from Leah, but in a special way.
By the way, I had SEVERE problems with my sciatic nerve with Sam. I was in bed for a month. Call me or email me at work if it gets really bad.