Sunday, May 27

Book Tour #1 Questions

Okay ladies, only four of us finished the book and submitted questions. You can answer as many or as few as you want. My mom does NOT want to have a blog so I will post her answer on my blog when she emails it to me. Here are the questions:

At the end of the story, Lily has done everything within her power to seek forgiveness for the way she treated Snow Flower. Share an action or situation that you later regretted and if applicable, how did you make amends for that mistake?

As a mother, I can’t imagine subjecting my child to anything like foot binding for the sake of societal acceptance. Do you think there are any practices in today’s world that might indicate a similar symbol of female status in our society? What are they?

Why was Lily so forgiving of Snow Flower and her betrayal, yet so angry with her family and Madame Wang? Isn't the betrayal the same? Why are we so forgiving of friends but not of family members?

How do you feel about the concept of "old sames" (being in an arranged friendship)? Were you surprised at the way it turned out for Lily and Snow Flower? Have you found yourself in a "sisterhood" kind of friendship throughout your life? How was it able to last through all of the changes you have gone through in your life?

Please post your answer(s) by June 1st!



Aussiefoxes said...

I am struggling to answer three questions, especially since one is mine. Could we maybe answer only two or should I answer my own question?

Aussiefoxes said...

Ignore my question, it is later here in Austrlaia and I didn't read the first paragraph properly.