Monday, February 19

Weekend Update

Well I had the most exhausting weekend. I flew to Jacksonville Friday morning. Saturday at noon I hosted a bridal shower for my friend and maid-of-honor Mandi. It went really well, but I was running around all morning getting ready for it. Then that afternoon we drove to Orlando for the bachelorette party. It took us 4 hours to get there! So we got there, ate pizza and got ready for the night. We left the hotel at about 11 for Pleasure Island! I haven't stayed up that late in over 2 years! It was as fun as can be for a pregnant non-drinker at a bunch of clubs. Mandi had a blast though. The fun began getting home. We were trying to get into our hotel room and the key wouldn't work. So I called information to get the hotel's phone number and the hotel has no record of our room! Finally we realize that we are at the wrong hotel! This is at 3am. The front desk threatened to call the cops because the drunk girls were banging on the door of the room we thought was ours. Turns out there are 2 Howard Johnsons within a half-mile of each other on the same road. What drama! The next morning we drove back to Jacksonville and from there I flew home Sunday night. I was so dead, I practically passed out in bed. I am NOT used to partying like that, even without drinking.

Today I had a doctor appointment with the new OB. I really like the office, the nurses (so far) and the doctor himself. He did not make me feel rushed at all and was very accomodating as far as scheduling blood work and such. We listened to the baby's heartbeat. It was a strong 154 bpm. He also taught me how to feel the top of my uterus so I can feel myself grow. The biggest news out of the appointment is that my ultrasound/sex determination is scheduled for March 14th at 2pm. I can't wait! I hope so much that the baby cooperates.

I forgot to tell about our Valentine's Day gift. Mike made us a cake! We woke up that morning and we had cake for breakfast. Mike always comes with the most creative ways to celebrate things. I love that about him.

Leah is no longer sleeping in her crib. I guess it started last week. She asked for her big girl bed at bedtime instead of her "kib" and that was that. I had always hoped that she would get used to the big girl bed if we just left it in there and that's the way it worked. Knock on wood, things have been incredibly easy with her big girl transitions so far. We shall see what happens with potty training. :)



Kelly in NC said...

Yea for Leah...and I guess if the computer thing doesn't work out for Mike, there is always cake decorationg. Yea for Mike!

NaeNae said...

Nice cake! And I too, spent a weekend like yours when my sister, Kelly got married. I was pregnant at the time, so had as much fun as possible without drinking. At least we were on the beach in south FL! I DID enjoy that part of the weekend.

Mandi said...

I can't thank you enough for such a great weekend. It was sooo wonderful to see you! And you're patience with us drunkards was above and beyond. Thanks for that too. I love you!!!