Friday, February 9

Another step toward big girl-dom

Leah no longer uses a pacifier for sleeping! I could not believe how it happened. I had anticipated it being tough when we finally decided she had to give it up. (Disclaimer: we had NOT decided this yet. We were not even trying to get rid of it.) One night before bed she did not ask for it and did not seem to notice it on her nightstand next to the crib. So we didn't offer. It took a while for her to fall asleep, she talked to herself for a long time. Throughout the night she would wake up and cry a bit. But we never went in and she never asked for her "nuk." This happened 3 nights ago. We put away the pacifiers and she has not looked back once. It hasn't even been an issue. And after that first night, she has not woken up crying once. I do notice that she talks to herself FOREVER now before falling asleep. But that is a small price to pay to the "Nuk"ie gods. :)

On another note, I have decided to change obstetricians. I really want to deliver at Presbyterian Hospital in Matthews. It sounds more like Helen Ellis (where Leah was born) than the one I toured with Laurie. Remaining in the same room my entire stay and having enough room for visitors after the birth are more important to me than I realized. I guess I took it for granted last time. So I found an OB who delivers there through a co-worker who adores him. His office is in the hospital which is handy. :) She claims he does lots of ultrasounds! So my first appointment there is February 19th. Mike and I are both off work so he will probably come with me. We haven't decided whether to bring Leah. If I knew he was going to do an ultrasound, we might bring her. But I just don't know.



Emily said...

Jackson used to use the paci to sleep. Around his 18 mo. checkup, I had read that the paci can contribute to speech delays as they can change the shape of the mouth - the doctor said that if we kept it much longer we were running the risk of mouth/teeth problems in the future. And if he ends up with my teeth he's in a load of trouble already...
He wasn't talking yet but just barely signing, so I just did not offer it at naptime (that's the only time he got it) and added like I did not know what he was talking about. Luckily Tucker could give a rip about pacis.
I hated losing the paci though, because it sent him straight to naptime!

Kelly in NC said...

Yeah for Leah! I hope that my paci send-off will be so easy! Also, I love Presby and I am sure taht you will too! The nurses there are the best. I am also excited that you are going to try out this other doctor...I may want to switch to him for my next

Nikki said...

That's fantastic. I hope Halle will give up the paci that easy too! :)