Tuesday, October 23

Sleeping like a baby

Erin is such a wacky sleeper. Two nights ago she slept from 7:30pm til 8:30am! She woke up to eat very briefly at 11pm and 4am. That was an AMAZING night's sleep for both of us. (If only Leah would get in sync.) During the day, it is not unusual for her to only be awake for like 5-6 hours total. She can only stand being awake for an hour and a half MAX before she starts getting fussy. That is her window. If I miss her window she is a real pill to put down. If I am in tune with her, she lays right down in her crib for a good nap. Today, she slept from 10:45am until 3:45pm! Does anyone else think she sleeps a ridiculous amount for a 10 week old? I thought this kind of thing was more the behavior of a one month old.

I finally bought a new camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3K. Mike is working to get the admin page of our website functional so I can upload to it. That is why you have not seen Corn Maze pictures yet. But look for them soon! I guess I can post a few here.

Maddex and Gallers kids

A family photo

These kids are so darn cute!


Keri Donald said...

Looks like fun! The kids look so grown up in the last picture, and I love the cheesey head-tilt that Mike has going on in the 2nd pic. :)

Nikki said...

Leah's legs look so thin in those pants. :) She does look so grown up!

Christina said...

Wow i'll third the grown up comment. luv the pics!! I'm jealous of your good sleeper. It seems like Kaitlyn only wants to sleep if i hold her

Emily said...

Oh my goodness Angelle, she's growing like a weed! Time flies, doesn't it?