Wednesday, October 17

I don't have much to say

Everything here is going swimmingly. I guess I will discuss with you the two things I have been focusing on lately.

Number 1 is choosing health insurance for Mike's new job. It is significantly more expensive at the new job than the old one. We are trying to decide between the HMO and the 80/20 PPO. The problem is the HMO is like 300 more a PAY PERIOD than the PPO. That is a LOT over the course of a year. I know, everyone says get the HMO with kids. And they could be right. But the deductible on the PPO is not that bad (300 ind/600 fam) and the out of pocket max is not all that high either. So what do you think?

I was also trying to decide (still part of #1) whether to move with my pediatrician to her new office. We REALLY like her, but her new office is 30 min away as opposed to 10 min currently. I was trying to make sure she was covered under both possible new insurances. She is, so we decided to move to the new practice and suck up the drive. Hey, there is more good shopping there than Monroe anyway.

Number 2 (this is going to sound silly) is my chore list. I found this link from my pregnancy board on BabyCenter. No, I did not pay outright for it. The rest of 2007 was half-price and Mike had enough left in his PayPal account to cover it. He was never going to use that $ anyway. So I got it. It is VERY comprehensive. I never think to do things like clean my porch light fixture, but it is one of my chores today. I like that it forces you to do the obscure chores. My house has been cleaner since I started it. Now I don't do every chore EVERY day. Sometimes I switch them around and sometimes I skip things that I don't think are necessary. But I like having something to keep me on track.

Also, we have to buy a new digital camera this week. We are going to the Aw Shucks Corn Maze this weekend and I can't be without a camera! We had a blast there last year. Mandi bought the girls the cutest Halloween outfits to wear there. Anyway, any camera advice???


Nikki said...

$300 more per pay period?? What kind of insurance is that?! Please tell me you meant to type $30!

After a few days of research, I finally ordered the Canon SD850IS on Amazon for $280. It's in transit right now.. should be here any minute. I'm anxiously awaiting the doorbell (even if that means Biscuit will bark and potentially wake Halle). I'll let you know how well it works after I play with it tonight and take it with me to the zoo tomorrow. :)

Keri Donald said...

Canons are always good digital cameras. :)

That chore list looks pretty cool.

Laurie said...

Seriously, Angelle. Pay me and I will tell you what chores to do every day. I will even nag you if you want.

Brittany said...

I love my digital camera. It's a casio exilim. It has 10.1 mega pixels, and it's really tiny so it fits nicely in my purse.

It did break once but only because it fell out of my purse while not in a camera case. It actually still took pictures, but the screen was cracked. Casio fixed it for me (for a reasonable fee) and returned it within a few weeks.

Erica Lynn said...

Another vote for Canon .. I had a casio in between canon's and I can tell you the quality is just not the same. My point and shoot is the SD40, but looking at the specs of nikki's new camera, I'd be a big fan of more optical zoom. Liz also has the sd40 and uses it for all of her ella updates :)

Jacqueline said...

Hello! I LOVE my camera!!!! It is a Casio Exilm. There are alot of different versions out there. It takes the best pictures, very user friendly and you can also video. Take a look at my pictures on my blog and my videos. I love that it is so small and I can take it anywhere. I can take a picture or even video the kids on the spur of the moment.

Christina said...

I'm a canon girl too.

I'm so impressed with your chore list. Good for you! I think I need one of those too. I feel so overwhelmed by all of the chores that I never know where to start.

Bleeber said...

Can't really go wrong choosing a Canon as they are a camera company however, I have always found the Sony equivalent to look and perform better for me in the $200-$400 price range. If I ever get the urge to buy a high end camera then I will look to Canon, but for standard point and shoot needs of most parents, my vote is for the DSC-W200 by Sony.

I understand that me weighing in on this topic means you will likely never look at this camera but oh well.

Bleeber said...

Just a few more notes.

Cannon PowerShot SD850 IS
Megapixels: 8.0
Image Ratio: 4:3, 3:2
Max Resolution: 3264 x 2448
Size: 90 x 57 x 26 mm
Weight: 6.9oz
Optical Zoom: 4x (this is the only plus)

Sony Sony DSC-W200
Megapixels: 12.0
Image Ratio: 16:9(for viewing on the plasma),4:3, 3:2
Max Resolution: 4000 x 3000
Size: 91 x 59 x 27 mm
Weight: 6.9oz
Optical Zoom: 3x

Erica Lynn said...

Angelle, go to amazon and look up the cameras.. most models people have submitted their own pictures for people to check out .. I know the SD850 does .. some of them are great examples of what the camera does .. also you can read reviews from owners. That always helps with my decision :)

Emily said...

I have a Canon SLR (and still have my older Sony handheld). I have more love for the Canon, it's so freakin' awesome. Just don't put so much into megapixels (not much diff between 8mp and 10mp for the average person) as making sure you're getting a camera with a good lens, i.e. Canon, Nikon, etc...good solid camera companies that have been around for ages. Sony is OK too but I've had mine for 3+ yrs. now and the quality has degraded over time.
Lynnska also has a Canon handheld (powershot I think) and it takes great pics.