Friday, July 14

My new house

Yesterday was very exciting. We spent 2 hours walking through our new house. I feel a little (I emphasize little) sorry for the foreman because we were so nit-picky. But our last house, while a very good house, had things that we should have noticed at the walk-through but didn't. Of course, later on they were not covered under warranty. So we noticed everything. Even things that were really no part of the foreman's job, like putting in a range hood instead of a microwave (we already have a really good microwave). Hopefully come next Thursday, our house will be perfect and ready to move in.

On another note, I have discovered that the reason Leah has not been sleeping all night is because yet again she has an ear infection. At least it is only fluid and not swollen (according to the doctor) and it is the first since leaving day care in May. Tonight she had her first dose of antibiotics and Tylenol. We will see how she does.


Kelly in NC said...

Yuck! An ear infection. Did you go to Matthew's Children's Clinic, or did your find another pediatrician closer? Hope she starts feeling better soon! And good luck with the house!

Angelle Gallers said...

We went to Union Pediatrics here in Monroe. I really like our doctor, Laurie Goss. Thanks for thinking of Leah!