Monday, November 6

Finally, a date night!

On Saturday night, Mike & I went on a date. His mom was here and she watched Leah. She even put her to bed so that we could leave at 6ish. We made a reservation for 7pm at Maggiano's! It is absolutely my favorite restaruant ever! We ate Mushroom Ravioli al Forno and Rigatoni D, among other things, and drank a bottle of Riesling (well, I drank most of it, not being the DD). It was such an awesome night of just being together without Leah and enjoying our time. Thanks so much to Ronni for making it possible. :)

I have been watching Rhiannon's son, Ty, since last Wednesday when she started job sharing with me. He is 8 months old. Ty is not always a very good napper and fights sleep like a champ. I have since learned that my nephew Landon who is 6 months is the same way. I know Leah is a great sleeper now, but I remember when she was about 5 or so months she was a terrible sleeper and we struggled with every nap and every night. Maybe it's an age thing? If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know.

Anyway, most days I have been successful at putting him down for a nap (he is currently asleep). The only thing is I feel like in a matter of 2 weeks I have changed my whole life, first working, now not being able to go to the gym in the mornings. So I am stressed about such a big change in such a short time. I feel like maybe I didn't really think it through. I just have to keep thinking that I am doing this for our family. My paycheck will pay the mortgage on our FL house until it sells and then it will help with our bills we have racked up because of having 2 mortgages. Next year it will be different... I hope.


Keri Donald said...

How nice! I'm trying to find a good babysitter now so that hopefully Keith and I can do that before Annabelle turns 1! ;)

Belle is finally napping good now... might just be the age. Well.. I say that, but it still isn't too consistant. Does he fight sleep like that at his own house too? Maybe it's being in a different bed and he'll get used to it soon???

I didn't realize your house hadn't sold yet! Wow... hopefully that will change soon!

Good to hear from you again... seems like you, me, and Liz are the only ones still blogging! :(

Christina said...

Wow...a date night. I think those are definitely needed every once in awhile. I'm glad you guys had fun.

I wish I knew what to suggest for Ty. I think as Zach got older he just figured out how to nap. I think boys are just more stubborn as I'm sure Stacy will attest to.

Joe and I have our fingers crossed that the house will sell soon. Good luck!

Kelly in NC said...

I love Maggianos too! Remind me at work tomorrow to tell you about some other potential baby sitters from school! You coud make date night happen a bit more often.
Also about work, just be glad that you decided to only go back part time. I think that once you really get into the pattern of things, then it won't be too bad. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help!